The 10th Southampton Hand Course 2015

The Southampton Hand Team is pleased to announce the next course for Therapists and Surgeons. It will be held on Friday 15th May 2015 at the Chilworth Manor Hotel in Southampton.

This years course, The Functional Finger, will include the following topics: injuries to the nail and nailbed, Non-traumatic nail conditions, PIPJ dislocations and fracture dislocations, Flexor tendon avulsion injuries, Extensor tendon pathologies and finger lumps and bumps. The course will presented by local and invited faculty and will contain a practical workshop.

We have been running a joint Hand Surgeons and Hand Therapists Course in Southampton since 2005 and therefore this year's course will be our Jubilee year.

A wide range of topics previously covered include; Instability of the upper limb, Nerve disorders, bone and joint injuries of the hand, arthritis of the wrist and hand, elbows, flexor and extensor tendon injuries and wrist injuries. Our most recent course in 2014 on ‘The Working Hand’ included soft tissue injuries, work related upper limb disorders/RSI, tendinopathies of the wrist and elbow, musician's hand and sportsman's hand.

The Southampton Hand course received a highly commended Wessex Deanery Educational Quality Award.

We have also had a review published in the British Medical Journal in September 2012 from a previous course participant. Download PDF

If you have any queries please email or telephone Linda, Gemma or Peter on 02381 206 456.

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